The Curious Case of the Contraband Camel

Here’s what we know:

  • Earlier this week, French president Francois Hollande visited Mali’s capital city, Bamako.
  • While he was there, he was given a camel.
  • Hollande took the camel back to France. (Did the camel fly coach? We don’t know that.)
  • Now a Malian man living in a refugee camp has claimed that the camel is his, and that it had been stolen from him.
  • Meanwhile, French media has reported that Hollande is returning the camel to Mali “because of the difficulty of surviving in France’s cold weather.”
  • Upon its return, the camel will be sent to live with a Malian farmer—not the man in the refugee camp who says it’s his.
  • It is unclear if President Hollande is aware of the allegations of theft.
  • Apparently President Hollande was unaware of France’s climate before he brought a goddamn camel there.
  • As of this writing, the camel has had no comment.

(via Al Arabiya)

Photo by GK Hart/Stone/Getty Images