Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes vs. Clint Eastwood at the RNC

OH CUBA! MY CUBA!: A One-Man Show Written and Performed by Senator Marco Rubio
The Ronald Reagan Actors’ Studio – 8:30pm
Critics call Rubio’s tour-de-force one-man play “Pandering. A blatant attempt to appeal to Latino voters. He’s never even been to Cuba.” This autobiographical opus is filled with quirky characters from Rubio’s own life, like his strict Roman Catholic Cuban mother (“Es muy mal, Marco! Es muy, muy mal!”) and his former Miami Dolphins cheerleader wife. Strong Catholic values, hilarious humor, and John Leguizamo-style truth-tellin’ fill this four-and-a-half hour theatrical presentation. Oh Cuba! My Cuba! is a great place to catch a nap after a hard day of conventioneering–it’s just like being in the Senate when it’s in session.

This is not a real thing that is happening at the RNC (we think!) but what if it were?

It’s coming, says Regal Tent Productions, a company based near Toronto that’s been hired to put up the two-story [entertainment] structure somewhere outside the [GOP] convention hall.


The company expects to bring its own team to Tampa and might hire local labor for an installation that could take up to 10 days.

The Republican National Convention hired a Canadian company to build its big temporary entertainment venue in Tampa.

Will the Democrats also outsource construction work to our friendly (we hope) neighbors to the north, who have apparently infiltrated the highest reaches of our political system?